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Our process will inform you and your Client of all the options available,

leaving you or .

We will leave your Client's with a lasting impression of our values and craftsmanship

to show their family, friends, and neighbors.

Cabinet Maker Sketch



We start with brainstorming for your project. Clarifying your expectations are crucial. This will allow our Project Manager to give you the best opportunities on selections and price. We strive  at exceeding quality standards, while meeting budgets and schedules. Each team for each project consists of a Project Manager, Install/Service Manager,  and  our Craftsmen.

Signing a Contract



At we have worked diligently with you to finalize a 2020 Virtual Design Rendering of your dream space that meets your style, needs and budget. We will present you with a contract and

discuss your schedule and terms. After the contract has been accepted we schedule an in home Pre-Construction Inspection. This is where a member of your team will meet with you to identify any issues that could adversely affect our construction process and take final measurements. After your

Pre-Inspection it's just a matter of time until your new products arrive. 

Blind corner cabinet, island drawers and


 There are a couple way we can do business.This is where you send your customers to our showroom to pick out selections. Their are two ways to go about doing this. The first option is to have per selected options beingThis is the most crucial step to customer satisfaction! Your team schedules delivery and install days to meet your schedule. Once your material's are received, your project will be delivered and completed by your wonderful Craftsman. You will then have a

Post- Construction Quality Walk. This is where we will inspect

 your new product with you to identify any issues or items of concern. If any such items are identified you will

receive a service date. This is an appointment performed by one of our Craftsman to address and solve the issues of concern mentioned during the quality walk. Carolina Cabinet Company guarantees your satisfaction! We will leave you and your home with a one-of-a-kind fit and finish and a lasting impression of our values and attention to detail.

Ready to turn your house into a Home? Then Carolina Cabinet Company is the place to start for all of your cabinet included projects! From stock to custom builds we work with you to craft your dreams within your budget and we've got endless possibilities to help you do so! Add purpose to every room with our wide variety of sought after brands and materials. We take pride in making it easy for you to enhance your space with the exact products and looks that you want. At Carolina Cabinet Company, we have the highest qualified teams who value their work and their customers. We provide the best service at the best value. Meet your team who is dedicated to exceeding your dreams and expectations today!

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