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wall ovens

Appliances for Remodels

The following are a few of our most popular appliance products Carolina Cabinet Company offers our clients with their kitchen and bathroom remodel projects.


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Ranges combine a cook top cooking surface and an oven all in one. Today you can find a range that offers two ovens and multiple burners for a chefs inspired kitchen. Ranges can also be smart and connect to your devices and some even have air frying so theirs no need for wasting countertop space with a separate air fryer.

over the range microwaves


The standard microwave of the range can be vented to the outside of your home. Typically in a remodel scenario customers are opting for a drawer style pull out microwave in the island and utilizing the space over their range or cook top for a wood hood vented to the outside.

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kitchen cooktops

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Dishwashers are one of the appliances that can look like it is never there with whats called a panel ready dishwasher. Buy this type of dishwasher and you will need a higher end cabinet brand but your dishwasher will blend seamlessly with your cabinets. If you don't like pesky water spots on your clean silverware it is also recommended to get a dishwasher with built in water softening.

wood hood

Metal and Wood Hoods

If it's within your budget we always recommend going with a custom wood over the range hood. When you do, it becomes the focal point of the kitchen. Usually you want a to have a larger kitchen for a wood hood, so the hood does not look out of place. Metal range hoods are more affordable and complete the same functioning task too.

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oven vent hoods

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Cooktops & Built-in Ovens

Cooktops are utilized when you will use built in wall ovens or an oven that is built into the base cabinets of your kitchen. Induction cook tops are said to be the best type of surface for heating pots and pans fast. Although some still prefer the flame of a gas burning range.



Fridges can be countertop depth or regular depth. In compact kitchens it is always recommended that you utilize a counter depth fridge but it is not a requirement. Although you will lose some fridge space with a counter depth fridge, you'll being able to utilize a panel ready system to have your fridge be hidden amongst your cabinets. If your kitchen is big enough you can do a built in separate fridge and freezer.

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laundry room remodels

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Washer & Dryer's

Front load washers and dryers are the style that is in, and some even stack on top of one another. They can come with pedestals to make it easier to load and unload. We can also build custom cabinetry to make these pedestals. In a tight area some customers utilize front load machines on the ground and go with a countertop folding area atop the machines.

built in microwaves

Miscellaneous Appliances

Miscellaneous appliances include built in espresso makers, wine and bar fridges, kegs, ice makers, warming drawers, built in grills and more. Design your indoor or outdoor kitchen around your appliance needs and wants.

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cabinet range hoods

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