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Remodel Electrical Fixtures

The following are a few of our most popular electrical fixture products that Carolina Cabinet Company offers our clients for their home remodeling projects.


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Can Lights

There are three types of can lights, recessed, can-less, and directional can lights. Can-less lights are better suited for remodel scenarios in which the ceiling drywall wont be torn out, or when theirs a tight fit between your homes drywall and structural framing.


Flush, Chandelier, Pendant and Track Lights

Flush mount lights typical mount to the surface of the drywall and protrude down and out. Chandelier's are great for styling and usually used with high ceilings. Track lights are a versatile system which mount multiple lights on a single fixture and track, each light can be used to direct light in different areas.

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kitchen lighting

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Under Cabinet and LED Strip Lights

Under cabinet and led strip lighting can be used to set the mood and light up dark areas not reached by ceiling mounted lighting. Strip lighting can be used anywhere along cabinet toe kick, under stair treads or where walls and ceilings meet. Their is also a specific fixture meant for stair lighting too.


Vanity Lights and Wall Scones

Vanity lights are typically used in bathrooms over top of the mirrors located at each sink. Sometimes clients opt for wall scone lighting on both sides of a mirror instead. Wall scone lighting is also perfect for lighting stair wells and hallways when the ceilings are very tall.

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vanity light
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